Building Your Crisis Resilience Never Stops— A Checklist for Improvements!

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Building organisational crisis resilience is a never-ending game: new teams are on board, new business streams, operations, or production sites are launched and new markets are open, all providing fresh opportunities but also increasing the risks of failures and exposure. Furthermore, external threats – climate change, security, socio-economic, cyber, and the interdependencies of a globalised world, just to name a few – continue to provide the risk, crisis or business continuity manager with plenty issues to tackle.

Ensuring that your plans are up to date, that you have conducted a training needs analysis, that you are scheduling exercises, that you are complying with audit requirements maybe some of the activities you must schedule as part of your budget planning cycle.

When you will be busy trying to determine what your priorities are, where the gaps lay, what you can realistically accomplish in the next calendar year and for how much; the following checklist might just help you do that.

1Are your Risk Registers and Issues Catalogues up to date?Conduct Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

2Have you experienced a major organisation change?Update your Crisis Plan

3Are there new members on your crisis team? Do your team members have alternates?Conduct crisis leadershiprefresher training

4Is your Crisis Management Custodian new to the job?Coaching

5When did you last practice your plans?Organise a crisis exercise

6Have you thought through your most common crisis scenarios?Develop stock scenariosand specific response plans

7Are your executives ready to face the media?Conduct Crisis Media Training

8Does your organisation know how to manage social media in crisis?Develop a Social Media crisis policy and practice it on The ICONS simulation platform

9Do you want to know the state of your readiness versus your peers?Find out using Crisiscan©

10Do you have a secure way to communicate with your crisis team embers virtuallyAdopt Crisiscom©

11Do you know how to communicate with your employees quickly in the event of a disaster?Consider adopting a Mass Notification System

12How will you respond to family and public inquiries in the event of a multiple fatality/injuries?Assign and train first responders

13Have you organised your business recovery and continuity?Business Impact Analysis

14Have you got a BCP for every critical risk?Develop/Update your BCPs

15When have you lasted tested your BCPs?Conduct a simulation exercise

16Do you comply with your management system?Audit your Risk and Crisis Management

Download your checklist here!

The best approach is a customised one that fits your needs and is adapted to your organisation. Combining internal expert resources with external specialist service providers achieves optimal results cost-effectively.

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Caroline Sapriel is Managing Partner of CS&A International. With over 25 years experience in risk and crisis management, she is recognized as a leader in her profession and acknowledged for her ability to provide customized, results-driven counsel and training at the highest level.