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Powerful Stakeholder Communication Workshop

Why communicate at all in a crisis? How can you be sure your message will help the situation and not make it worse? With all the storm of other communications swirling around in a crisis, how do you get a message your audience needs to hear through the maelstrom? It feels a bit like this…

So many things get in the way of landing the right message to the right audience at the right time. How do you make sure you have the best shot at hitting the target and making it stick? Our newest workshop has answers. We break down the critical components of an effective message. Who is your audience? What do they want to hear? How can you craft your message in a way they will engage with and remember? This is an opportunity to learn from others and build your skills in quickly developing effective messages that hit their mark every time. Message development by experts should feel more like this:

This workshop is a strong foundation for those who want to understand communications from the ground up and a great refresher for professionals already trained in message development. Contact us to explore how we can help your team create powerful communications that deliver results! Cathy Heeley is a Singapore-based associate with CS&A International. She has 15 years’ experience as a legal counsel working with a top tier Australian firm and 14 years’ experience working as an in-house legal counsel with Kraft Foods, Mondelez International, Croda and Syngenta covering Asia Pacific.

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