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Crisis Management

Risk & Issues Management

Effectively managing risks and issues is key to crisis anticipation, detection and prevention.


CS&A helps clients manage their risks via comprehensive assessments, the development of risk matrices and risk and issues registers, as well as mitigating strategies and action plans.
This also includes Market Intelligence, Stakeholder Mapping, Scenario Planning and other CS&A bespoke tools designed to help clients analyse business impact and enhance their risk management capability.

For more details on CS&A’s services in Risk and Issues Management:

Crisis Management

CS&A’s tried and tested case-study methodology allows clients to capture and share lessons learned throughout their organisation and ensure the same mistakes do not happen again.


From crisis preparedness audits, assessments and benchmarking, to the development of bespoke crisis procedures and plans to customised training, desktop and simulation exercises, CS&A helps clients enhance their crisis preparedness and resilience.

Learning from real crises and exercises is a key component of the crisis management capability improvement process. CS&A’s tried and tested case-study methodology helps clients capture and share lessons learned throughout their organisation to help ensure the same mistakes never happen again.


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Emergency Response

CS&A’s emergency response experts have helped clients optimise their facilities, operational processes, and competencies.


From emergency personnel assessments to the development of emergency management procedures, training and testing exercises, CS&A’s emergency response services include: Control Room and Installation Audits, Self-assessment Models, Emergency Communication Planning, Process and Control Room Simulator Training, Mustering and Evacuation Procedures, Telephone Response and Family Assistance, Scenario Design, Escalation Drills and much more.


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Emergency Response
Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

Communicating effectively in a crisis is as critical as managing the crisis itself.


Whether to news media, shareholders, employees and other third-party stakeholders, organisations impacted by a crisis must be able to respond quickly and appropriately to protect their reputation.


Whether developing crisis communication procedures, social media policies, training first responders, or senior executives, CS&A can help you ensure your organisation does not end up in a reputation train wreck when faced with a crisis.

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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) has become an integral part of organisations’ resilience planning and is directly related to its Risk and Crisis Management capability.  As an early and active advocate of Integrated Business Contingency Planning, CS&A helps clients develop and test business continuity strategies.

CS&A’s Alliance with INONI offers clients a unique business impact analysis and business continuity planning management platform. Fully customisable to client organisations, the tool is closely aligned with ISO 22301, the International Standard for Business Continuity, and provides an integrated full-cycle management system.

As a member of the Business Continuity Institute, CS&A abides by its best-practice standards in business continuity management.


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Training & Coaching

Competent crisis teams are at the heart of any organisation’s effective crisis readiness.


Over the past three decades, CS&A has developed a number of result-focused training and coaching methodologies that help enhance clients’ competencies in risk, crisis and business continuity management.

This includes crisis leadership, issues and stakeholder management, scenario planning, reputation management, emergency management, After Action Reviews (AAR) and family assistance among others.


In addition, CS&A has extensive experience designing and conducting customised communication, spokesperson and media training programmes at the executive level.


Visit our CrisisSolutions website for more details on CS&A’s Executive Programmes as well as eLearning courses on Crisis Management, Crisis Leadership and Crisis Communication:

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Business Continuity
Training & Coaching
Practice & Testing
Online Support

Reputation Risk

According to multiple surveys, reputation is the #1 concern of many CEO’s today. 

Therefore, proactively managing reputation risk is the starting point. CS&A helps you manage your reputation risk via audits, assessments, and the development of reputation protection frameworks and policies.
Moreover, CS&A has partnered with Beazley, specialist underwriters and providers of Reputation Risk Insurance policies.


For more details on CS&A’s Reputation Risk Services:


When facing escalating issues or acute adversity, having access to external expertise can be a valuable resource.


CS&A’s high-calibre team is available to clients for ad-hoc and/or regular consulting on risk, crisis and business continuity preparedness and management.


Individual phone consultations, coaching, and on-call services can be arranged to support clients in the pre-during and post-crisis phases.


For more details on CS&A’s Consulting Services:

Online Support

Looking for quick advice on an emerging crisis or on your crisis preparedness initiatives?

CS&A’s experts are available to assist you.

CS&A Solutions
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Practice & Testing

A life-jacket must be periodically tried and tested to work when needed. Likewise, crisis plans must be practised and validated regularly to fulfil their purpose.

Practising and testing crisis readiness is an essential component of effective crisis management planning and sound business practice. From desktop exercises to large-scale multi-locations crisis simulations,  conducted in person or virtually, CS&A’s expertise in the design, organisation and facilitation of crisis exercises is recognised throughout the industry.

Since its founding, CS&A has designed hundreds of customised scenarios across industry sectors.

Our in-depth research, meticulous preparation and professional facilitation provides clients with an authentic, dynamic and challenging practice and testing experience. CS&A’s use of secure web-enabled simulation platforms (Crisiscom™ – ICONSnet and CrisisMediaSim™) during exercises allows multiple teams to “play” from their own environment in different locations, practice internal and external stakeholder engagements and role-play social media and media communication “safely”.


For more details on CS&A’s Practice & Testing Programs:

Crisis Desktop Exercises and Simulations

Whether for practice or testing CS&A offers a range of crisis solutions in the form of Table-Top/Desktop Exercises or Real-Time Simulations customised to each clients' objectives and level of preparedness as follows:

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For more information on CS&A’s Exercise and Simulation Programs:

Auditing & Assessments

Professional audits are part and parcel of any risk and crisis management compliance programme. Professional external auditors provide organisations with an invaluable objective eye.


Whether working with our clients’ audit systems or applying our very own CrisisScan™, CS&A’s expert auditors in risk, safety, emergency, crisis and business continuity management will collaborate with your team to deliver effective audits that generate qualitative and quantitative data for compliance and improvement catalogues.


Knowing where your organisation stands in terms of crisis preparedness is the starting point to enhancing crisis resilience.


CS&A auditors deliver audits globally across industries in twelve different languages.


For more information on CS&A’s Auditing Services:

Auditing & Assessments
Crisis Desktop Exercises & Simulations
Reputation Risk
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