Emergencies and crises create a vacuum for information. Passive communications technologies struggle to cut through the noise during these critical times. Using the Virtual Town Hall, a push method of engagement that makes the phone ring, allows you to have a direct, secure, and highly-controlled conversation and deliver vital information to the people most effected by an emergency.

In special circumstances, events can be set-up within hours. Converso provides a level of support unequaled in the industry to ensure the event meets the information needs of the audience and enhances the client’s reputation.

About the Virtual Town Halls

Virtual Town Halls allow you to connect with hundreds or thousands of stakeholders from your office to the where ever they may be. Not only can you deliver critical information consistently, each event provides you with rich data so you can understand exactly how many stakeholders you’re reaching, how long they participated, what questions they have and many other data points. The events are secure, efficient, engaging and easy with Converso’s industry-leading level of service.