Who We Are

Founded in 1991, CS&A is a pioneer and a recognised leader in the field of Risk, Crisis and Business Continuity Management. We service clients across industry sectors globally from key geographic locations in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Our Mission

Over the past 25 years, CS&A has been devoted to the mission of helping our clients continuously enhance their crisis resilience by delivering customized risk, crisis and business continuity management best practice solutions and services through the following approaches:

  • Our understanding of current standards and trends and our ability to anticipate clients’ expectations
  • Consulting with our clients in the development of workable solutions to meet future standards
  • Our development of unique new tools and methodologies
  • Our cross-functional high calibre team of experts in risk, scenario planning, reputation management, media and crisis communication, business continuity, HSE management, psychology and security.
  • Our affiliation with the Academia (University of Maryland Centre from Conflict Resolution and Management)
Tailor Made Best Practice

CS&A offers a customized approach to clients’ particular situations and requirements. Our team of experts provides an in-depth analysis and critique of clients’ crisis management capability and develops bespoke sustainable practical solutions, including the following services:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessments and Audits
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Emergency Response & Crisis Preparedness Diagnostic
  • Process Development and Implementation
  • Training and Competency Development
  • Practice and Testing
  • Refresher and Maintenance

Integrated Business Contingency Planning

CS&A helps clients anticipate, prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from crisis by via the application of our integrated Business Contingency Planning Framework©.

Tools and Solutions

CS&A has developed a number of unique tools and solutions to help prevent, prepare for and manage crises more effectively. In addition, via our selected preferred partners, we offer BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and BCP tools, as well as a crisis mass alert and notification system. Click HERE for more information.

Meet the Experts

Managing Partner CS&A

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Caroline Sapriel is the founder and Managing Partner of CS&A, a specialist risk and crisis and business continuity management consulting firm with offices in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States. With over 25 years’ experience in risk and crisis management, Caroline is recognized as a leader in her profession and acknowledged for her ability to provide customized, results-driven counsel at the highest level.

Over the years, Caroline has advised senior corporate executives in high-risk industries internationally. Her multi-disciplinary background and experience has enabled her to provide clients with an in-depth analysis of their crisis management capability as well as help them develop effective risk and crisis response organizations and stakeholder and reputation management strategies. She has been directly involved in helping clients manage crises in the oil and gas, chemical, transport, shipping, aviation, pharmaceutical and consumer product sectors.

Caroline is an accomplished trainer, facilitator and coach in risk, issues and crisis management as well as in communication skills. As such, she has coached many senior executives at leading multinational corporations internationally.

Caroline regularly speaks at international conferences and seminars on risk and crisis management. She is a guest lecturer on corporate crisis management at the University of Antwerp and at the graduate school of public administration of Leiden University.

Caroline is a member of the Business Continuity Institute, of the International Association of Business Communicators and serves on its global ethics committee, and of the European Association of Communications Directors. In 2011, she received a Gold Quill Award from IABC for her firm’s 10 Commandments of Crisis Management. She has authored many articles on the subject of crisis management and co-authored two books – Crisis Management – Tales From the Front Line and 25 years of Crises in Review: The Good , The Bad and The Ugly – with CS&A Senior Partner Dirk Lenaerts.

Prior to establishing her own consulting firm, Caroline held various senior management positions with international communications consultancies where she helped clients respond to crises and enhance their crisis communication capabilities.

Caroline is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Hebrew and Mandarin, and holds a
BA degree in Chinese Studies and a BSc degree in International Relations.

Senior Partner CS&A

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Dirk Lenaerts is Joint Managing Director of CS&A. Dirk works with clients internationally to assess risk, evaluate their crisis management capabilities and designs response structures and processes specifically suited to their organization, environment, culture, and the risks and issues they face.

Dirk Lenaerts is particularly involved in the development of products and tools, such as Crisiscom© and the FAtool©, that help clients enhance their risk and crisis management capability. He leads the research and planning of risk and crisis scenarios as well as the organization, management and debrief of crisis simulation exercises. He has developed and established integrated risk and crisis management systems for many of CS&A long-term clients.

His extensive experience in international business and his in-depth understanding of different management styles coupled with his analytical and problem-solving skills provide clients with the right combination of talents and expertise to help define and implement robust yet flexible crisis management strategies.

Prior to joining CS&A, Dirk Lenaerts worked for Western and Asian companies in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and China, where he spent a total of eighteen years. He has also acted as a consultant to various manufacturers. Over the years, he has handled a variety of assignments including joint-venture and agency contract negotiations, and the establishment, transfer and restructuring of manufacturing facilities.

Dirk Lenaerts is also a guest lecturer at and advisor to the University City College Mechelen, Belgium, in the Department of International Business Management.

Fluent in Dutch, English, French, German and Mandarin, Dirk Lenaerts is able to counsel multinationals in diverse markets. He holds an undergraduate degree in Sinology from the University of Ghent, Belgium.




The CS&A Team of Associates includes experts in:

  • Risk and crisis management
  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Strategic and scenario planning
  • Humanitarian and stress support and communication
  • NGO and Government affairs
  • Media and Social Media
  • Crisis communication and reputation management
  • Security management
  • Environmental risk management
  • HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) management


With particular experience in high risk and controversial industries, CS&A works with the senior management of multinational corporations across industry sectors.


The crisis management training and exercise conducted by CS&A International received excellent feedback from our team. It was prepared and delivered very professionally and generated very useful insight and a number of next steps which we must work on to reinforce our crisis resilience.

Thibaut Helleputte, General Manager, Danone Nutricia Thailand
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Thank you so much for a very valuable and enlightening session! I really enjoyed the video clips, case studies and discussion around crisis communications.

Divya Menon, Internal Communications Manager, Asia Pacific - Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants Pte Ltd
CS&A provided valuable training for the key members of the Airport’s crisis team. The simulation exercise served well in triggering important decision making across the various departments, but also in testing our abilities as a group. Dirk and Koen did a great job at facilitating and co-ordinating the event!
Kristina Vassallo, Marketing and Brand Development Manager, Malta International Airport
CS&A has been working with AFSC Operations Limited of Hong Kong International Airport since the late ‘90s, providing support to some of our risk and crisis preparedness activities. In recent years, they have designed and managed periodical multi-party airport crisis simulation exercises on our behalf. These exercises have proven to be very beneficial bringing closer cooperation and collaboration among all parties involved. I have always found the CS&A team to be very experienced and professional in the planning, facilitation and evaluation of these events.
Daniel Tsang, General Manager, AFSC Operations Limited

The CS&A team, dynamically led by Sapriel and Lenaerts, excels in covering every detail involved in the preparation for, delivery of, and debriefing from complex training and simulation exercises that focus on crisis and risk decision making. Their unique expertise makes them the go-to shop for complex negotiation and crisis management training and evaluation.

Jonathan Wilkenfeld, Professor and Director, Center for International Development and Conflict Management, University of Maryland

The depth of experience and expertise of CS&A has allowed Michelin in Africa, India, and Middle East better navigate and be prepared for issues and crisis management. The customized approach CS&A provides to us is greatly appreciated as our region is one of extreme diversity.

Rebecca Lee, Communications Director, Michelin Africa, India and Middle East

CS&A’s media training was intense and very valuable. It is clear that they thoroughly understand the challenges of a live interview and how one comes across over broadcast media. The down-to-earth feedback was sometimes confrontational but just what we needed.

Catherine Van Reeth, Director General, Toy Industries of Europe

CS&A is a strategic partner of Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) in the development and update of our emergency and crisis procedures, training and conduct of crisis exercises in key worldwide locations of our business. Over the years, CS&A has also worked with various Swire companies to develop and review aspects of their crisis procedures to meet their changing business needs. We value their professionalism and customised approach in providing expert advice in this area of specialisation so that we can enhance SPO’s overall crisis preparedness and response capability.

Neil Glenn, Managing Director, Swire Pacific Offshore

I would like to thank the CS&A team for their knowledge and guidance concerning the construction of the crisis manual, the training sessions and the advice and monitoring during the actual simulation exercise.

Captain Dave Watkins, Fleet Safety, Security & Environmental Manager, China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd.

Crisis management preparedness and response have become even more essential for every business in today’s world of increased range of treats and wider scope of stakeholders. For the StarBev group of companies which is now operating in the fast changing enviroments of the emerging markets of Eastern and Southeastern Europe this is even more valid. That is why we are very glad to have chosen CS&A to conduct crisis management trainings and simulations in all StarBev countries. CS&A not only has a very good knowledge of the beer industry and its related business processes but it also constantly updates its programs to address and prepare clients for new challenges. CS&A’s ability to adjust the agenda to the particular social, cultural, regulatory and media environment makes their involvement even more valuable to us.

Anton Karlov, Group Crisis Management Coordinator and Legal & Corporate Affairs Director, Kamenitza AD, StarBev Group Company

CS&A delivered a first-rate crisis training to our Belgian and European leadership teams. Pulling this together was a challenge given the tight timeframe, but the team came through from preparation to execution.

Vincent Vanwijnsberghe, Communications Director, Baxter EMEA

I first worked with CS&A, while going through the review and renovation of Shell Venezuela’s EP Crisis Management Framework, in early 2002. During this time Caroline, Dirk and their staff applied a very structured approach to test the system under review, identify gaps and recommend area’s for improvement. The entire review, renovation, training and testing period took some 8 months, during which time Caroline and Dirk managed to draw on and integrate the wide experience base of their team in area’s of emergency management, crisis communication, process management and soft people skills. I experienced the CS&A team members as dedicated, focused and disciplined professionals, who all made significant contributions to the improved Crisis Management System of Shell Venezuela EP.

John de Beus, Surface Surveillance and PSO Manager North Caspian Production Operating Company

CS&A recently conducted crisis leadership training for Louis Dreyfus Commodities a world leader in the processing of agricultural products and the merchandising of a diverse range of commodities. Following the programme, participants said ‘it was a great experience, intensive, practical and useful.

Guy Hogge, Global Sustainability, Louis Dreyfus Commodities






Crisiscom© is a unique interactive technology system, which maximizes crisis management resources and efficiency through the utilization of a virtual crisis management environment (VCME).

Crisiscom© was developed by CS&A in response to clients’ crisis management challenges including among others: limited resources and manpower, crises affecting remote sites, decentralized CMTs (Crisis Management Teams), and the inaccessibility of key executives due to travel, out-of-town business, leave and generally busy scheduling.

Crisiscom©‘s VCME enables crises to be managed by multiple CMTs: anytime, any place and anywhere, via a laptop computer, tablet or smart phone, a telecommunications link and the Crisiscom© interface. The system’s ease of use, accessibility and functionality makes it the crisis management tool for the 21st century. . . .



When activated, Crisiscom© automatically alerts CMT members by broadcasting a crisis alert code to all mobile contact numbers. Through its two main functions of Critical Information Management and CMT Automation, it provides:

Critical Information Management

1.  Real-time VCME with access to:

  Database, intranets, websites

  Crisis Materials

  Operational Materials

  Contact Directories

2.  Instant updating of materials throughout the Crisiscom© network;

3.  Immediate transfer of text and visual information throughout the network

CMT Automation

1.  A centralized “real-time” logging system;

2.  Multiple interactive Briefing Rooms for use by various CMT members i.e., Crisis Leader, Public Affairs, Human Resource, Operational and Legal, etc.

Crisiscom© is a uniquely flexible system that can be adapted to your crisis management organization, structure and requirements.


Crisiscom© only uses proven technology. It is the utilization and application of that technology which makes Crisiscom© both innovative and unique. Crisiscom© incorporates:

  Fire Walls Encryption

  end-to-end GSM security


Crisiscom© can provide a fully redundant system based on three independent servers and server mirroring for guaranteed reliability.

Crisiscom© can be set up as a stand-alone or service application.


Users of Crisiscom© can be connected to the network via:

  Leased lines


  Virtual Private Networks



Crisiscom© can be organized:


  By Business Division/Operating Companies

  Project by project

Crisiscom© is a live system for use during:


  Crisis exercises

  Crisis training

  Non-crisis communications as a project or general communications tool

As such, Crisiscom© is available to clients as a permanent application or for testing & training purposes on a temporary leased time basis.


Crisiscom© instantly removes crisis resource, communication and administration bottlenecks

Crisiscom© provides a genuine global crisis management capability

Crisiscom© ensures continuity, accuracy and security of information

Crisiscom© enables truly proactive crisis management


For more information or a demo, please click HERE to get in touch.

ICONS Project©

Online Strategic Simulations

A traditional crisis simulation exercise conducted over a few hours mainly tests and practices short term operational response to a given crisis scenario. It does not allow for the exploration of the noises, signals and issues that may lead to a crisis nor for the practice of the extensive and complex crisis implications, which are usually encountered over the longer term and may be more damaging than the first few hours of the event itself.

In today’s ever-changing risk environment and stakeholder scene, the enhanced ability of an organization to steer its course is critical to address complex business challenges and define sustainable strategies effectively.


Can you enhance your ability to pre-empt, prevent, mitigate and recover from any adverse situation?

The ICONS Project, the training arm of the University of Maryland Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM), offers professional-level and executive training programs that incorporate multi-player, real-time simulation exercises.

Initially developed for and applied to the academic and public sectors, CS&A is collaborating with ICONS to deliver simulations to the business and corporate environment. Combining CS&A’s hands-on practical risk and crisis management expertise with CIDCM’s academic insight, the ICONS simulation approach is ideally suited to help organizations practice the pre and post crisis phases as well as uncover opportunities to turn potentially negative situations into positive outcomes.

The ICONS online tool is designed to address the potential escalation emerging from a risk or an issue as well as the lingering and long-term impacts of a crisis. As such, ICONS helps enhance crisis anticipation and prevention as well as mitigation and recovery.

With the ICONS Tool you can broaden your perspective by taking into account stakeholder behaviour and as a result enhance your overall stakeholder management capability, manage issues and risks more proactively and improve your scenario planning skills.

So, would you like to be ahead of the game? 

For more information or a demo, please click HERE to get in touch.

Visit the ICONS Project© website.


CS&A’s CrisisScan© is a unique diagnostic tool that provides clients with a comprehensive assessment of their crisis management preparedness and capability.

CrisisScan© provides the most comprehensive review of:

              • Processes
              • Competencies
              • Tools & Equipment
              • Facilities
              • Resources
CrisisScan© is interview-based and assesses the client capability in the key areas of risk, issues and crisis management. One-on-one, in-depth interviews are conducted and query pre-selected managers and employees on:

              • Their knowledge of company policies, processes and procedures in crisis management.
              • Their understanding of and competency level in crisis management and the associated fields of issues, risk and stakeholder management.

The results are represented in percentages of the desired optimal situation and in spider-grams, for the team as a whole as well as for individuals.

The results and their graphic representation provide clients with:

              • A clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of risk, issues and/or crisis management
              • A detailed account of crisis management team members’ knowledge and understanding of the client’s policies, processes and procedures
              • A crisis management competency profile for individual crisis management team members
              • The possibility to measure progress through benchmarking

CrisisScan©‘s contents can be adapted to the particular needs of the organization being assessed. CS&A work with client organizations to ensure specific needs are met and bring best practice to their attention.

CS&A’s CrisisScan© is the only truly comprehensive issues/risk/crisis assessment tool available. It enables you to set and measure your capability against your own targets, to create a benchmark and apply uniform standards to all your operations.

CrisisScan© is based on internationally accepted standards of best practice.

For more information, please click HERE to get in touch.


CS&A ReputationScout©, provides clients with an exceptional capability to self-assess their own reputation management capability.

ReputationScout© is the most comprehensive review of:

              • Corporate Standing
              • Communications
              • Operational Excellence
              • BCP
              • People

Like CrisisScan©, ReputationScout© starts from one-on-one in-depth interviews, which query pre-selected managers and employees on:

              • Their knowledge of company policies, processes and procedures in reputation management
              • Their understanding of and competency level in reputation management.

The results are represented in percentages of the desired optimal situation and in spider-grams, for the team as a whole as well as for individuals.

The results and their graphic representation provide clients with:

              • A clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses in reputation management
              • A detailed account of the management’s knowledge and understanding of the company’s policies, processes and procedures
              • A reputation management competency profile for each management member.
              • The possibility to measure progress through benchmarking

We recognises and appreciate that different organizations/industries approach reputation management in different ways. Therefore, ReputationScout©‘s contents can be adapted to the particular needs of the organization. CS&A work with client organizations to ensure specific needs are met and bring best practice to their attention.

CS&A’s ReputationScout© is the only truly reputation management assessment tool available. It enables you to set and measure your capability against your own targets, to create a benchmark and apply uniform standards to all your operations.

ReputationScout© is based on internationally accepted standards of best practice.

For more information, please click HERE to get in touch.

Stakeholder Management

CS&A’s FastTrack© Stakeholder Mapping Process has proven valuable with many of its clients.

The unique stakeholder mapping process is useful in pre-, during and after crisis situation and consists of identifying all audience groups (no matter how small or remote) with a stake in a certain issue.

By categorizing stakeholders and identifying their specific issues regarding a situation, CS&A helps its clients define their desired outcome, strategy and key messages.


25 Years of Crises in Review

25 Years of Crises in Review: The Good, The Bad and The Truly Ugly

Available in our shop

Commemorating CS&A International’s 25th anniversary, the book chronicles major crisis cases over the last 25 years, one from each year. Caroline Sapriel and Dirk Lenaerts, partners of CS&A International, draw key lessons from the cases, which are curated to cover a wide range of industry sectors, span various countries and reflect different crisis typology. Although the world now is more complex than it was in 1991, the same fundamental crisis communication principles apply. Sapriel and Lenaerts take readers through the years and glean pearls of wisdom from each case such as: When offence is the best defence; Don’t blame one of your own; Denial never pays.

Tales from the Front Line

Crisis Management – Tales from the Front Line

Available as an audiobook as well as an ebook in our shop

Learning From Real Stories Told by Real People. Management: Tales from the Front Line, a unique audiobook, takes a new approach to the topic of crisis communication and management by using storytelling to convey crisis management best practices. Caroline Sapriel and Dirk Lenaerts, managers of CS&A International, share case studies from around the world to illustrate each of their 10 “commandments” of effective crisis management. Ten chapters and 10 stories add up to 10 essential management lessons you won’t want to miss. Using real-life stories from the front lines, Sapriel and Lenaerts offer listeners valuable communication for a variety of scenario is. Sapriel and Lenaerts will guide listeners through 10 crisis management best practices, including: – Own up and communicate the problem early on. – Don’t try to make what is bad look good. – Always be prepared for the worst.


Double attacks in Brussels

Download document

Double attacks in Brussels

Why Do Companies Still Make The Same Mistakes?

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Why Do Companies Still Make The Same Mistakes?

Crisis leadership: how to save your company’s reputation

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Crisis leadership: how to save your company’s reputation – Communication Director

Piracy, down in Somalia, on rise elsewhere

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Piracy, down in Somalia, on rise elsewhere by Deutsche Welle

The Latest on MH370: Kerry Says Debris Has Reopened Wounds

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The Latest on MH370: Kerry Says Debris Has Reopened Wounds – The New York Times, by The Associated Press

Job losses in UK's North Sea raise skills and safety concerns

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Job losses in UK’s North Sea raise skills and safety concerns – Reuters

Crisis Comms: How to avoid becoming the next corporate train wreck…

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Crisis Comms: How to avoid becoming the next corporate train wreck… – Public Affairs Asia

AirAsia boss applies deft touch in crash response

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AirAsia boss applies deft touch in crash response – Associated Press

Can Malaysia Airlines Salvage its Brand?

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How Malaysia Airlines Can Salvage Its Brand – Associated Press

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Can Malaysia Airlines Salvage Its Brand After MH370 and MH17? – news.com.au

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How Malaysia Airlines Can Salvage Its Brand – CNS News

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How Malaysia Airlines Can Salvage Its Brand – Daily Mail

The Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Read the article


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Bangladesh Factory Collapse Highlights Surprise Risks to International Retailers

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The Weakest Link


Download document

How stakeholder mapping is proving critical to successful crisis management by Caroline Sapriel


Download document

Japan’s tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster offer critical lessons for crisis communicators

The 12 Commandments of Crisis Management by CS&A - 2012 Calendar

Download calendar

The 12 Commandments of Crisis Management by CS&A – 2012 Calendar

Analysis: In Twitter era, authorities must adapt or struggle

Read the article

“Analysis: In Twitter era, authorities must adapt or struggle”, by Peter App, Reuters Political Risk Correspondent.

Crisis management puts huge strains on firms, CEOs

Read the article

by Peter App, Reuters Political Risk Correspondent. Read the aticle online on uk.reuters.com

Safe Arrivals

Download document

Abstract: Transportation systems are always a subject of intense public attention and control. The large numbers of people using major transport arteries make the system very vulnerable to attack, as the use of protective measures are restricted by necessity to ensure high throughput.

Moscow Air Transport Collapse

Download document

Abstract: Last year was exceptional for weather extremes in Moscow,culminating in a severe ice storm that paralysed the capital’s airports, writes Lina Kolesnikova

CRISIS COMMUNICATION: Why do we keep making the same mistakes?

Download document

Abstract: In this article written by Caroline Sapriel for IABC’s (The International Association of Business Communicators) CW magazine summer issue, Caroline Sapriel explores some of the reasons why when faced with crises, even the best prepared organizations tend to knee jerk react. Instead of being at the helm leading, faced with extreme pressure and short term decision-making, they forget their corporate values and principles, shattering stakeholders trust in the process. The five key factors highlighted in the article can help organizations avoid repeating the same mistakes and limit the damage caused by crises.

LE MANAGEMENT du RISQUE En 3 Etapes: Le Traitement à Froid

Download document

Abstract: Chapitre II : “le traitement à froid ” by Laurent Buffeteau

LE MANAGEMENT du RISQUE En 3 Etapes : Identification, Traitement, Pilotage

Download document

Abstract: Bien Identifier Pour Mieux Manager Le Risque by Laurent Buffeteau


Download document

Abstract: Companies are increasingly emphasizing proactive approaches to crisis communication by Caroline Sapriel


Download document

Abstract: Looking at the Überlingen air crash as an example, Lina Kolesnikova explores how organisations can better handle the needs of survivors and relatives to prevent further distress and tragedy.


Download document

Abstract: Parts of any crisis management will have to include understanding how to talk to the families involved,what religious rites must be respected, how to get it right with the press to name a few


Download document

Abstract: Many organisations have crisis management plans in place, but they are not always tested nor updated as often as they should to reflect the ever changing risk environment.


In 2013, CS&A started blogging to keep its clients up to date on new and interesting developments in risk and crisis management. Read and subscribe to our blog HERE.


Summer 2013 ISSUE 13

In this issue:

Bangladesh: Still No Lessons Learned? By Whitney Small, CS&A Senior Associate
 The news cycle surrounding the horrific Bangladesh factory collapse, one of several serious factory accidents in that country, has followed a well-trodden path. The media is now focusing on the families and communities of the victims and the stories of survivors.

Caroline Sapriel & Dirk Lenaerts share their experience in a newly released audio book

CS&A News


Fall 2012 ISSUE 12

In this issue:

Reports about a wide variety of business crises, including those involving questions about the ethical and moral underpinnings of some large corporations, have plagued the business world for decades. Many organizations have suffered from corruption at even their executive levels.
Businesses have faced crises set off by economic conditions and other factors outside of their control. Even when crises are not the fault of the organization involved, they can be devastating to their overall success and image. Businesses that have suffered a serious crisis face an uphill battle to recovery. Without the leadership of experienced individuals who understand how to manage crises, such recoveries can be impossible.

Fall 2012 ISSUE 11

In this issue:

Ethics and Morality Crises Take The Front Page by Storm
 Corruption, scandals and ethics breaches have occurred in both the private and public sectors for as long as they have existed. A brief survey of history reveals that every era has been troubled by questions of morality, especially in the financial, business and news sectors.

Secure Social Media Simulation Platform .
Wondering how you can be better prepared to monitor and handle social media in a crisis? Feeling that social media policies, guidelines and training are not enough to enhance your social media crisis management capability?

CS&A News .

Fall 2011 ISSUE 10

In this issue:

Living In A Permanent State Of Crisis – Is This What We Are In For?
 Are we living in a perpetual state of crisis? It surely seems like it. From Arab Spring we are moving to a Winter of discontent, from human tragedies like Blevik’s mad attack in Norway this summer, to natural disasters – Turkey’s earthquakes and Thailand’s floods being the last in a series – and no lack of notable celebrity and corporate scandals, it never stops does it?

Can Social Media Help You Manage A Crisis? .

FA Tool- Are you crisis fit? .

StarBev Puts Crisis Preparedness High On The Agenda .

Fall 2011 ISSUE 9

In this issue:

Living In A Permanent State Of Crisis – Is This What We Are In For?
 Are we living in a perpetual state of crisis? It surely seems like it. From Arab Spring we are moving to a Winter of discontent, from human tragedies like Blevik’s mad attack in Norway this summer, to natural disasters – Turkey’s earthquakes and Thailand’s floods being the last in a series – and no lack of notable celebrity and corporate scandals, it never stops does it?

Can Social Media Help You Manage A Crisis? .

FA Tool- Are you crisis fit? .

StarBev Puts Crisis Preparedness High On The Agenda .

Spring 2011- Special Anniversary issue

In this issue:

CS&A Celebrates 20 Years!
 On the occasion of CS&A’s 20th anniversary, Koen Peeters, most recent associate on the team talks to joint managing directors Caroline Sapriel and Dirk Lenaerts about their favorite recollections:

CS&A’s 2011 “12 Commandments of Crisis Management” Calendar wins IABC Gold Quill Europe and Middle East Regional Distinction .

Saving Brands in Crisis: How PR Can Help Get the Job Done
Caroline Sapriel, and Washington and Toronto-based colleagues Ann Andrews Morris and Raed Gerges join to present at IABC International Conference in San Diego June 11-15, 2011.

Koen Peeters, Latest Associate to join the CS&A Team

Caroline Sapriel Contributes To IABC’s Handbook Of Organizational Communication Second Edition

Fall 2010 – ISSUE 7

In this issue:

Planning Ahead For Today’s Mega Crises by Caroline Sapriel
 The number of mega crises that have dominated the news recently make us reflect on the increasing complexities of managing a crisis in today’s globally connected world.

Hong Kong Airport Runs Cross Agency Fuel Disruption Exercise
On 17 September 2010, CS&A facilitated a cross agency fuel disruption crisis exercise at Hong Kong International Airport.

Emergency Response – 10 Tips for The Budding Leader by Thomas Helmer
In a world where increasing risks and threats call for emergency response duties among leadership teams, more and more non-technical managers find themselves nominated as Emergency Response Team Leaders (ERTL).

Are you Fit to Manage a Crisis?

CS&A Recent Assignments
CS&A Conducts a Two-day Crisis Training Program for Ford Asia Pacific Africa 
CS&A Assist China Navigation Company to Revamp Crisis Preparedness Plans 

CS&A Events

Fall 2010 – ISSUE 6

In this issue:

Editorial by Caroline Sapriel
 For several decades now, crisis management has been institutionalized, taught at universities across the world, and of course, many multinational organizations have tried and tested crisis systems in place. So why then, we ask, are some still making the same mistakes when faced with a crisis?

Preventive or Reactive Approach to Supply Chain Disruption?
by Ingeborg Veelenturf, a chain management consultant in Singapore 
Last month’s volcano eruption in Iceland affected many businesses and consumers around the globe.

Piracy – An Acute Risk for Commercial Shipping, Industry and Governments ICONS On-Line Simulations Help Prepare and Practice 
The hijacking of a Korean oil tanker headed for the Horn of Africa has catapulted the problem of piracy in the Indian Ocean back into the headlines..

Internal Communications, Corporate Culture And Crisis Prevention by Martin Light a partner of Aspect S.A., a communications management firm 
Question: How many people do you have on your crisis prevention team? Answer: As many employees as you have If this is true, then why does employee communication often only take priority after the event ..

Risk Management In Three Stages: Global/Enterprise Risk Management, Chapter II: Before the Crisis: Prevention and Mitigation by Laurent Buffeteau France-based Associate 
This article is the second in a series of three in which L.J-G Buffeteau, considers stage one: “a thorough identification of the risks for a better management”.
Télécharger l’article en Français ici

Alan Jay Zaremba’ s new book “ Crisis Communication Theory & Practice “

CS&A Events 

December 2009 – ISSUE 5

In this issue:

A Roller Coaster Year by Caroline Sapriel

Aviation Crisis Management: Doing Less During The Economic Downturn is Not An Option
by David Gault
The current economic downturn has taken its toll on the majority of industries which has resulted in companies globally closely looking at their operation to see where costs can be saved..

Crisis Planning: A Key Pillar of Brand Protection
by Raed Gerges
The global economic crisis has affected most industries across the globe. There is no need to elaborate on the details and the consequences of this crisis, as much has been said and written on the topic. What is important to highlight is the opportunity for companies, organizations and institutions, across all sectors to learn and be prepared for crisis situations ..

Risk Management In Three Stages: Identification, Treatment, Management
by Laurent Buffeteau
This article is the first in a series of three in which L.J-G Buffeteau, CS&A Associate based in France, considers stage one: “a thorough identification of the risks for a better management”.
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December 2009 – ISSUE 4

In this issue:

Crisiscom© Helps Energy Services Company Communicate During Swine Flu Outbreak in Mexico by Caroline Sapriel
Tenaris, a leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry has been implementing CS&A’s virtual crisis management tool Crisiscom© across its organization, and used it “live” to communicate during the recent swine flu outbreak in Mexico.

International Schools Move to Enhance Crisis Preparedness
by Caroline Sapriel
Responding to the ever-increasing risk environment, international schools are moving to enhance their crisis preparedness and resilience.

Contingency Planning is Good for Business,
by Ruud Kloppenburg
To help clients enhance their crisis anticipation, prevention, mitigation and recovery capability, CS&A applies a business contingency framework, which distinguishes and integrates three principal phases, namely pre-loss, loss and post-loss.

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Hot off the Press    Recent articles from Brussels-based CS&A associate, Lina Kolesnikova.

Hong Kong- based team of Associates expands

December 2009 – ISSUE 3

In this issue:

Saving, Protecting and Enhancing Reputation
by Caroline Sapriel.
Whether you are directly implicated in the current crisis, impacted like most, or herding and grabbing the momentum to “fix” some basics, the challenge and the opportunity will be to save, protect and/or enhance your organization’s reputation.

Retaining Customers in The Midst and Beyond the Trust Crash
by Nicolette Wuring.
Reputation management is a key component of crisis anticipation, response and recovery and no one will argue that customer service is a cornerstone of corporate reputation

Terrorist Invasion : The Terrifying Challenge Facing International Hotel Chains
by Alan Morrison
The Mumbai attacks of 2008 saw a frightening escalation in the methodology of terrorist groups wishing to cause mass fatalities aimed at seemingly “Western” targets

Hot off the Press    Recent articles from Brussels-based CS&A associate, Lina Kolesnikova.
CS&A expands its team of Associates

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